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Product name Thidiazuron
CAS NO. 51707-55-2
structural formula Thidiazuron

Physical and chemical properties:

Colorless, odorless crystals, water solubility 200mg / L.


Thidiazuron is used as a defoliant in cotton cultivation, and it is a good defoliant agent when it is absorbed by plants, which can promote the formation and separation of the isolated tissue between petiole and stems and leaves.
Thidiazuron is a new type of highly efficient Cytokinin, which can be used in tissue culture to promote plant bud differentiation.

Method of use:

When the peach crack 70%, per acre available 50% wettable powder 100g, watered whole plant spray, 10 days began to fall leaves, boll opening increased 15 days to reach the peak.

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