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Product name Forchlorfenuron
CAS NO. 68157-60-8
structural formula Forchlorfenuron

Physical and chemical properties:

White crystalline powder


(2-chloro-4-pyridyl) -N'-phenylurea is to promote the cell division of the highest one of the most important role is to promote cell division, increase the number of cells, increase the fruit; to change the aging, regulating the distribution of nutrients. Synthetic kinetin, its biological activity is about 6-BA 10 times.

Method of use:

N- (2-chloro-4-pyridyl) -N'-phenylurea is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator that enhances peach fruit growth, promotes coloring and improves quality.
Promote the fruit enlargement, and enlarge the fruit of fruit by 10 ~ 20mg / L, and promote fruit growth by 20 ~ 25 days after flowering, with 5 ~ 20mg / L liquid immersion young fruit. Watermelon, cucumber for the 15 ~ 20mg / L, can increase fruit set and yield.
Promote potato production.
Improve fruits and vegetables and accelerate the role of deciduous, increase fruit and vegetable production, improve quality, uniform size of the fruit to promote cotton dry, increase sugar beet and sugar cane.
High concentrations, but also do Herbicide.


1, N- (2-chloro-4-pyridyl) -N'-phenylurea for fruit, mainly for the flower, fruit treatment in melons and watermelons to be used with caution, high concentrations will have side effects.
2, N- (2-chloro-4-pyridyl) -N'-phenylurea mixed with gibberellin or other Auxin, the effect is better than the single, but must be under the guidance of professionals or after the demonstration under the premise of the test , Do not arbitrarily use.

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