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Gibberellic acid

Product name Gibberellic acid
CAS NO. 77-06-5
structural formula Gibberellic acid

Physical and chemical properties:

Crystalline solid, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol.


Gibberellic acid is a broad-spectrum Plant growth regulator which can promote the growth and development of crops, make them mature early, increase yield and improve quality. It can quickly break the dormancy of seeds, tubers and bulbs and promote germination; reduce buds, flowers and bells , Fruit shedding, increased fruit-bearing rate or seedless fruit formation. Also allow certain 2-year-old plants to bloom in the year. Gibberellic acid is generally synthesized in young shoots, young roots and immature seeds. Is to promote cell elongation, causing stem and plant height.In addition, it has contact with seeds, tubers, dormancy and promote germination and so on.

Method of use:

Zein and ethephon mix, make corn yield.
Zein and dynamic fine spray or soaking root, can increase yield of tomatoes and cotton.
Zein can promote germination and cure root soaking, delayed vegetable leaf yellowing. Soaking seeds before sowing, can improve the germination rate and seedling.


1, Gibberellic acid is strictly prohibited in Kyoho grape quality to do a nuclear treatment, so as not to cause stiff fruit.
2, Gibberellic acid as a growth promoter, should be used in conjunction with the foliar fertilizer, will help form a strong seed.Only with the amount of the general use of plants slender, thin and rooting inhibition and other side effects.
3, Gibberellic acid is acidic, do not mix with alkaline drugs.
4, Gibberellic acid products with the use with the distribution, do not heat, see the light easy to break down, save the use of aluminum foil shade, on the refrigerator.

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