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Abscisic acid

Product name Abscisic acid
CAS NO. 14375-45-2
structural formula Abscisic acid

Physical and chemical properties:
White to light yellow crystalline powder
Function Introduction:
Suppress and promote growth. When the concentration of exogenous abscisic acid is high, it inhibits the growth of stems, hypocotyls, roots, coleoptiles, or leaves. When the concentration is low, it promotes the rooting of detached yellow melon cotyledons and the elongation of hypocotyls, accelerates the reproduction of duckweed, and stimulates the development of parthenocarpic seeds.
1. During the flowering period of eggplant, spray the anti falling agent solution with a concentration of 25-30 mg/L twice consecutively, with an interval of 1 week.
2. When tomatoes are in mid bloom, spray 25-30 milligrams/liter of anti falling agent once. Chili peppers are sprayed once during the blooming period with 15-25 milligrams/liter of anti falling agent solution.

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