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Sodium naphthalene-1-acetate

Product name Sodium naphthalene-1-acetate
CAS NO. 61-31-4
structural formula Sodium naphthalene-1-acetate

Physical and chemical properties:

Off-white powder, soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, methanol, acetone and other organic solvents, with the smell of naphthalene, good storage stability at room temperature.


Broad-spectrum Plant growth regulator, rooting, fruits and vegetables and flowers and fruits, fruit and other effects
1, promote the formation of adventitious roots and roots, it can be used to promote seed rooting, cuttings rooting, but the concentration of excessive inhibition of rooting. Crop varieties, soaking time lead to the use of different concentrations are different.
2, to promote the expansion of the fruit and root tuber enlargement, it can be used as a magnifying factor, the field trials have shown that the mire, grapes, watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, pears, apples, can greatly improve production, Improve quality and promote the rapid expansion of cells, processed eggplant, growth rate of miracle changes in the mushroom effect is particularly evident, and does not reduce the quality of the fruit.
In addition, it also has the function of general Auxin, such as promoting growth, promoting chlorophyll synthesis, promoting bud and flower bud fruit, promote foliage, increase yield, improve the role of quality, improve the crop's Drought resistance, cold resistance, lodging resistance and other resilience.

Method of use:

1. Naphthylacetic acid can be used alone can be dubbed with high-purity naphthalene acetic acid alone, Powder, EC and other Preparations, with high purity sodium naphthalene acetic acid in a variety of effects, used to promote growth, rooting, flower, fruit and so on.
2. Complex use
First, the high purity of sodium naphthalene acetate can be used with Auxin compound, the formation of rooting powder, the market is the main high-grade rooting formula.
Second, can be used with sodium nitrophenolate, made of preserved flowers and Peng fruit agent, which is a better regulator on the market.
Third, with the use of fungicide compound, can prevent viruses and other diseases.
Fourth, with the Fertilizer compound, can improve Fertilizer utilization, promote root system development, lodging, increase production, income.


High concentration, the use of small concentrations, the dose should be strictly controlled, according to crop, climate, temperature, Method of use different strictly controlled concentration of fine sodium naphthalene acetate and sodium naphthalene acetate is essentially different from the general sodium naphthalene, although it meets certain requirements , But the naphthalene acetic acid sodium salt is far below 60%, some even lower, then its effective activity is very low.The fine sodium naphthalene acetate close to pure, so very low dose can achieve excellent Effect.

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