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Product name 1-Triacontanol
CAS NO. 593-50-0
structural formula 1-Triacontanol

Physical and chemical properties:

White crystalline powder. Alcohol product is white scaly


Triacontanol can be absorbed by plant stems and leaves, and then promote plant growth and increase dry matter accumulation.

Method of use:

1. Rice 0.5-1mg / kg liquid soaking seeds 2 days after germination and sowing can increase the germination rate, increase the germination potential, increase yield of 5% -10%.
Soybean, corn, wheat, millet with 1mg / kg liquid soaking 0.5-1 days after sowing, can also improve the rate of hair, and enhance the germination potential, increased by 5% -10%.
3. Leafy vegetables, potatoes, nursery stock, grass, sugar cane, etc. with 0.5-1mg / kg liquid spray stems and leaves, the general increase of more than 10%.
4. fruit trees, eggplant vegetables, cereals, soybeans, cotton 0.5mg / kg liquid in the flowering and flowering time of the spray 1 also has increased production.


1, control the dosage, the concentration is too high will inhibit germination. Preparation should be fully mixed evenly.
2, the product can not be mixed with acidic substances, so as to avoid decomposition failure.
3, the product should be stored in a cool, ventilated place, not with the seeds, food, feed mix.
4, Triacontanol solution pH value of 8 or higher than 8 to be effective, the concentration is generally 0.01 to 1.0ppm.

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